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Portfolio Criteria

Portfolio is updated regularly. 

Information for programmes that now lack portfolio criteria will be updated on February 13.

01.04.02 Applied Mathematics and Informatics

Statistical Learning Theory

Applied Statistics with Network Analysis


Mathematical Methods of Modelling and Computer Technologies

01.04.04 Applied Mathematics

Supercomputer Simulations in Science and Engineering

07.00.00 Architecture

Prototyping Future Cities

09.04.04 Software Engineering

37.04.01 Psychology

Cognitive Sciences and Technologies: From Neuron to Cognition

Applied Social Psychology

38.04.01 Economics

Financial Economics

Economics: Research Programme

Applied Economics

38.04.02 Management

International Business

Governance of Science, Technology, and Innovations

International Management

Marketing: Digital Technology and Marketing Communications

38.04.04 Public Administration

Population and Development

38.04.05 Business Informatics

Big Data Systems

38.04.08 Finance and Credit

Strategic Corporate Finance

Financial Analyst

39.04.01 Social Sciences

Comparative Social Research

40.04.01 Legal studies

Law in International Trade, Finance, and Economic Integration

58.04.01 Asian and African Studies

Socioeconomic and Political Development of Modern Asia

41.04.01 International Regional Studies

Economics, Politics and Business in Asia

41.04.04 Political Science

Political Analysis and Public Policy

Politics. Economics. Philosophy

Russian Studies

Comparative Russian and Eurasian Politics

41.04.05 International Relations

International Relations in Eurasia

42.04.05 Media Communications

Critical Media Studies

45.04.03 Fundamental and Applied Linguistics

Linguistic Theory and Language Description