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  • November 1, 2023

    Start of application submission, review of applications by educational programmes

  • April 30, 2024

    Deadline for accepting applications for Russian government scholarship places

  • August 11, 2024

    Deadline for applications

  • August 15, 2024

    Deadline for portfolio submission

  • August 25, 2024

    Submission of all necessary documents: offer of admission, contract, payment of fees

    After receiving the contract by email, a signed scan of it must be sent back within 3-5 working days.

    Contract payment can be done any day but no later than August 28.

  • September 1, 2024

    Classes starting date depends on the chosen programme

    Please note that some programmes begin in October

List of programmes

  • Moscow
  • Saint Petersburg
  • Nizhny Novgorod
  • Perm

Arts, Design and Urban studies

Urban Development and Spatial Planning (Russian-taught)

Digital Urban Analytics (Russian-taught)

Design (Russian-taught)

Environment design (Russian-taught)

Interactive Design (Russian-taught)

Communication and digital design (Russian-taught)

Fashion (Russian-taught)

Contemporary Art Practices (Russian-taught)

Culture Studies (Russian-taught)

Modern technologies for teaching design and art (Russian-taught)

Business and Management

Innovative Technologies of Logistics and Supply Chain Management in Digital Economy (Russian-taught)

Innovative business Management (Russian-taught)

Corporate Research, Development and Innovation Management (Russian-taught)

Competitive Intelligence Analyst (Russian-taught)

Public Administration (Russian-taught)

Evidence-based Education Development (Russian-taught)

Investments in Financial Markets (Russian-taught)

Corporate Finance (Russian-taught)

Master of Business Analytics

Marketing Management (Russian-taught)

Marketing: Digital Technology and Marketing Communications (Russian-taught)

Master of International Business

Master in International Management

Retail Management (Russian-taught)

Population and development

Operational Excellence and Production Systems (Russian-taught)

Strategic Management: Investment and Consulting (Russian-taught)

Strategic Corporate Finance

Management in Higher Education (Russian-taught)

Management in Creative Industries (Russian-taught)

Science, Technology and Innovation Management and Policy

Health Care Administration and Economics (Russian-taught)

Educational Administration (Russian-taught)

Financial Markets and Institutions (Russian-taught)

Financial Engineering (Russian-taught)

Master of Finance

Business Analytics and Big Data Systems

Business Informatics: Digital Enterprise and Information Systems Management (Russian-taught)

Digital Product Management (Russian-taught)

Electronic Business and Digital Innovations (Russian-taught)

Education and Training

Pedagogy (Russian-taught)


History of Artistic Culture and the Art Market (Russian-taught)

Curatorial Practices in Contemporary Art (Russian-taught)

Classical and Oriental Archaeology (Russian-taught)

History of the Modern World (Russian-taught)

Muslim Worlds in Russia (History and Culture) (Russian-taught)

Rus' and the Medieval World (Russian-taught)

East European Studies (Russian-taught)

Religion and Society (Russian-taught)

Philosophical Anthropology (Russian-taught)

Foreign Languages and Intercultural Communication (Russian-taught)

Computational Linguistics (Russian-taught)

Linguistic Theory and Language Description

Creative Writing (Russian-taught)

Russian and Comparative Literature (Russian-taught)

Russian as a Foreign Language in Cross-Linguistic and Cross-Cultural Perspective (Russian-taught)

Contemporary Philology in Russian Language and Literature Instruction at Secondary Schools (Russian-taught)

Digital Humanities (Russian-taught)

Language Policy in the Context of Ethnocultural Diversity (Russian-taught)

Journalism and Media

Integrated Communications (Russian-taught)

Interactive Media and Digital Industries (Russian-taught)

Film Production (Russian-taught)

Communications in the Public Sector and NGOs (Russian-taught)

Critical media studies

Media Management (Russian-taught)

Strategic Communications Management (Russian-taught)

Digital Communications and Product Analytics (Russian-taught)


Compliance and Legal Risk Prevention (Russian-taught)

International Corporate Compliance and Business Ethics (Russian-taught)

Law of International Trade and Dispute Resolution

Public Law (Russian-taught)

Modern Private Law (Russian-taught)

Theoretical and Comparative Law (Russian-taught)

Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Law (Russian-taught)

Digital Law (Russian-taught)

Business Lawyer (Russian-taught)

Lawyer in Public Justice (Russian-taught)

Lawyer on the Global Financial Market (Russian-taught)

State-Сonfessional Relations. Legal Regulation of the Operations of Religious Organisations (Russian-taught)

International Sports Management, Marketing, and Law (Russian-taught)

Social Sciences

Classical and Modern Orient: Languages, Cultures, Religions (Russian-taught)

Socioeconomic and Political Development of Modern Asia

Spatial Data and Applied Geoanalytics (Russian-taught)

Low Carbon Development (Russian-taught)

Germanica: History and Modernity (Russian-taught)

International Relations: European and Asian Studies (Russian-taught)

Politics. Economics. Philosophy (Russian-taught)

Applied Politics (Russian-taught)

HSE and Kyung Hee University Double Degree Programme in Economics, Politics, and Business in Asia

Contemporary Social Studies in Secondary Schools (Russian-taught, ONLINE)

Cognitive Sciences and Technologies: From Neuron to Cognition

Science of Learning and Assessment (Russian-taught)

Personology. Counseling Psychology and Psychotherapy (Russian-taught)

Positive Psychology (Russian-taught)

Applied Social Psychology (Russian-taught)

Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy (Russian-taught)

Psychoanalysis and Psychoanalytical Business Consulting (Russian-taught)

Psychology in Business (Russian-taught)

Systemic Family Therapy (Russian-taught)

Demography (Russian-taught)

Complex Social Analysis (Russian-taught)

Social Analysis of Markets on Digital and Survey Data (Russian-taught)

Sociology of Public Sphere and Digital Analytics (Russian-taught)

Comparative Social Research

International Trade Policy (Russian-taught)

World Economy (Russian-taught)

Statistical Analysis in Economics (Russian-taught)

Stochastic Modeling in Economics and Finance (Russian-taught)

Financial Economics

Economics and Economic Policy (Russian-taught)

Environmental Economics and Sustainable Development (Russian-taught)

Economic Analysis (Russian-taught)


Data Engineering (Russian-taught)

Computer Systems and Networks (Russian-taught)

System and Software Engineering (Russian-taught)

System Programming (Russian-taught)

Information Security in the Financial Sector (Russian-taught)

Information Security of Cyber-physical Systems (Russian-taught)

Cybersecurity (Russian-taught)

Data Analysis in Biology and Medicine (Russian-taught)

Data analysis in development (Russian-taught)

Big Data Analytics (Russian-taught)

Data Analytics and Social Statistics

Artificial Intelligence (Russian-taught)

Artificial Intelligence in Marketing and Product Management (Russian-taught)

Research and entrepreneurship in artificial intelligence (Russian-taught)

Legal Tech (Russian-taught)

Master of Data Science

Mathematics (Russian-taught)

Math of Machine Learning

Data Science (Russian-taught)

Applied Artificial Intelligence Models (Russian-taught)

Product approach and data analytics in HR management (Russian-taught)

Systems Analysis and Mathematical Technologies (Russian-taught)

Joint Master's Programme with the Centre of Teaching Excellence (Russian-taught)

Modern Computer Science (Russian-taught)

Financial Technologies and Data Analysis (Russian-taught)

Cell and Molecular Biotechnology (Russian-taught)

Physics (Russian-taught)

Chemistry of Molecular Systems and Materials (Russian-taught)

Artificial Intelligence Software and Hardware (Russian-taught)

Internet of Things and Cyber-physical Systems (Russian-taught)

Applied Electronics and Photonics (Russian-taught)

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