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‘HSE Is a Non-Stop Generator of Events — Just Try and Attend Them All!’

‘HSE Is a Non-Stop Generator of Events — Just Try and Attend Them All!’
HSE University attracts international students both from countries of the former Soviet Union as well as Europe. Anna Grokhovska (Latvia), a Master’s student at the Institute of Education, and Karina Samokhvalova (Kyrgyzstan) a fourth-year student in the Faculty of Humanities, share their impressions of studying at HSE and living in Moscow.

‘The Rich Networking Experience That HSE University Offers Is No Less Important Than Grades And Knowledge’

Arslan Shakhnazarov
Why do international students choose HSE University, and what is it like to move to another country? Arslan Shakhnazarov, second-year undergraduate student at ICEF, shared his story and talked about how he, just an ordinary guy from Bukhara, Uzbekistan, chose a university on his own, passed the entrance test to HSE accidentally, found himself in the top 10 of the student ranking, started working at Tinkoff, and still hasn’t stopped dreaming big.

‘Success of Data Science Professionals Depends on Training’

Jingtao Xu, a second-year student from China, is pursuing his Bachelor’s in Data Science and Business Analytics, a double degree programme between HSE University and the University of London. In an interview with HSE News Service, he describes the hard and soft skills he has gained at HSE, as well as the ups and downs of studying online. He also told us about his favourite places in Moscow.

‘Serious and Honest Attitude to Work Is Exactly What We Need in the Future’

Trang Pham
What attracts international students to HSE University? What subjects are easier to study online? What are the biggest challenges for an international student in a Russian-taught programme? HSE News Service spoke with Trang Pham, from Hanoi, who is currently studying at the HSE Faculty of World Economy and International Affairs.

'Try Something New and Don’t Be Afraid of Anything'

Rashid Mustafin
Rashid Mustafin came to the Moscow campus of the HSE University from Aksu, Kazakhstan. He is currently in his third year studying Foreign Languages and Intercultural Communication in the Faculty of Humanities. When the pandemic began, Rashid continued living in the HSE student dormitory. He spoke with the HSE News Service about his experience of getting into HSE and his time here as a student.How I found out about HSE

‘I Have Already Become Part of the HSE Community, Albeit Remotely’

Aiganym Daupbayeva
In 2020, prospective students got a new experience: touring and getting to know universities remotely. After passing entrance exams online, many of them are now studying online and have yet to see HSE University in person. We asked Aiganym Daupbayeva, first-year student of the HSE and University of London Double Degree Programme in Economics from Kazakhstan about her experience attending HSE virtually. She discussed how to get into HSE and take classes without leaving your home, and why international students choose HSE University.

‘An Amazing Atmosphere’: Prospective Student from Turkey Makes a Virtual Visit to HSE Master’s Programmes

‘An Amazing Atmosphere’: Prospective Student from Turkey Makes a Virtual Visit to HSE Master’s Programmes
In November, the International Admissions team organized the first online Study Tour experience for prospective Master’s students. International students were able to attend online classes offered by different Master’s programmes and see first-hand what studying at HSE University is like. The aim of the initiative is to help international students make a more informed decision about which Master’s programme to apply to Tugrul Eroglu from Turkey, shares his experience.

‘Now I Will Pursue a Future Career in Space’

‘Now I Will Pursue a Future Career in Space’
During the ‘Big Challenges’ session at the Sirius Educational Centre, five high school students, under the supervision of mentors from MIEM HSE, assembled a small artificial earth satellite. The participants of the research session were young finalists of a nationwide competition held by the educational centre. All five of the students are Olympiad champions and team members of large-scale projects.

‘If You Are Dedicated and Hardworking, You Will Get a Top Education’

‘If You Are Dedicated and Hardworking, You Will Get a Top Education’
Coming from Lebanon but with personal ties to Russia, Hisham Haydar will be starting the second year of the Master’s in Economics: Research Programme this September. The strength of HSE University’s standing in international rankings led Hisham to choose HSE in Moscow for his advanced training in economics. In the hope that other international students will be motivated to apply to HSE, he recently shared his perspective on everything from the application process to the workload to life in Moscow.

'I Didn't Know What to Expect from Perm, However, I Have Found it a Pleasant Surprise'

Sheila Pattle, doctoral student at Durham University, speaks about her work at the State Archive of Perm Region, her love for Russian culture and the things that impressed her in Perm.