Last Call: International Applicants Can Still Apply for HSE University Scholarships

If you are an international applicant, you still have time to apply for scholarships from HSE University. The full-tuition scholarships are awarded annually in May. This year, the Scholarship Committee will meet for the last time on May 27, 2021 to determine who receives full and partial scholarships.

Last Call: International Applicants Can Still Apply for HSE University Scholarships

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Undergraduate applicants who participated in qualifying events, the Global Scholarship Competition (GSC-2021), and other national and international events are eligible for a full scholarship for their undergraduate studies.

211 winners and prize winners of the GSC-2021, held by HSE University annually since 2013, have received full scholarships for their Bachelor’s studies. 20 scholarships have been awarded to those who participated in the international olympiads. 

51 applicants received scholarships based on the results of the qualifying events. During the spring months of 2021, the University conducted online qualifying events and an HSE delegation travelled to different countries.

Kirill Kisel, Deputy Director of HSE International Admissions Office

We are constantly improving our recruitment process for talented international students. Therefore, we have implemented a scholarship programme for international olympiad participants. We look forward to further expanding this programme.

Master's programme applicants submit their portfolio and application and participate in the portfolio competition. The Scholarship Committee awards scholarships based on applicants' scores in the portfolio competition. Each programme has its own portfolio requirements. The Committee reviews portfolios that receive a score higher than 65 points. 272 candidates have already received 100% scholarships, including 114 candidates who won the International Competition ‘Open Doors: Russian Scholarship Project’.

Can I Still Get a 100% Scholarship?

Yes! The Committee will be awarding the remaining 48 full scholarships at the end of May. Please consider a minimum of two weeks for the review of your application.

If you do not receive one of these 48 full scholarships, there are still other ways you can receive support.

You can still receive a partial scholarship of up to 70% for Bachelor's studies and 50% for Master's studies. In addition, international applicants who sign their contracts with the University before May 23 and make their payment before June 1, 2021can receive an additional 5% discount.

Alexander Deev, Director of HSE International Admissions

The primary mission of HSE University is to help talented students around the world realize their potential and pursue their ambitions through education. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford to pay for a quality education, so we are glad that persistent and gifted young people can, with hard work, get a place in one of the best universities in Russia. One only has to believe in themselves and go forward, and then everything will work out. We congratulate everyone who received a full scholarship! We are looking forward to seeing new international students at HSE University.