people have already submitted their applications to Master’s and Bachelor’s programmes at HSE University. So far, students from 113 countries have expressed their interest in studying at HSE University.

For the 2019/2020 academic year, HSE University is offering 10 Bachelor’s programmes and 31 Master’s programmes taught entirely in English. The strongest applicants will be eligible for full or partial scholarships. For Master’s programmes, applications will be evaluated on the strength of the portfolios that can be submitted online via an applicant’s personal account on HSE University’s website.

To learn more about HSE University’s educational offerings, watch programme webinars, explore the International Admissions website and read student reviews below: 

Alfredo de la Fuente (Peru), Master’s programme ‘Statistical Learning Theory’ 

I first came to Russia in 2015 for a conference, where I could witness the scientific level and technological atmosphere developing in Moscow. Based on advice from a few friends and professors, I decided to apply to a Master’s programme in a country with a different language and tradition, solely based on Russia’s famous mathematical education. I could not be more pleased with how things turned out to be. In addition, having some Russian friends and trying something new outside my comfort zone were my main motivations..

Pemanee Sangworn (Thailand), Master’s programme in Socioeconomic and Political Development of Modern Asia 

One of the biggest changes in my life has been becoming an HSE student. It is also one of the things I am most proud of. Professors have a lot of experience and effective teaching methods. The course has exposed a lot about the world to me and made me understand many things in greater depth. ‘Why does this project exists?’ ‘Why did the government proceed in this way?’ ‘What will happen next?’ Furthermore, I was taught to understand business culture which has made me more confident in case I have to negotiate with people from those countries.

Lastly, I have received not only a unique and excellent education but also warm friendships with my classmates who are always ready to share their knowledge. Moreover, the staff of faculty and dormitory have also taken great care of me.


Yash Madhwal (India), graduate of the Master’s programme ‘Big Data Systems’ 

Studying Big Data Systems at HSE University exceeded my expectations. I chose HSE because of its amazing international atmosphere and advanced Russian technology in terms of computer science, space research, etc. It was a platform which taught me how to apply classroom knowledge practically. HSE has helped me develop my skills for my future career. With the support from the University and the faculty, I was proud to represent HSE at many international conferences. In addition to studying, I made many international friends and learned a lot about Russian culture and its rich history. HSE will always be a place where learned beyond the classroom and I will always be a proud alumnus.

Hyen Jin Han (Korea), Bachelor’s student of HSE and University of London Double Degree Programme in Economics 

I had three reasons to go to HSE’s International College of Economics and Finance (ICEF). First of all, ICEF confers two diplomas: one from HSE and one from the University of London. Second, all programmes are taught in English, at a very high level, which is very useful for academic career. And third, the results of my exams were good enough to get the maximum discount on the tuition fees.


Abrar Riaz (Iran), Master’s programme ‘Cognitive Science and Technologies: From Neuron to Cognition’ 

What motivated me to join the programme offered by HSE Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience was the range of scientific labs that work with Neuroimaging, VR, and other Brain Sciences techniques under the supervision of the most professional Russian and international faculty members. More specifically, I really like having the opportunity to join one or more than one lab at a very early stage of the first year of the programme for better practical learning. Finally, the Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience at HSE is located in the heart of the beautiful city of Moscow.


Jovana Zafirovic (Serbia), Master’s programme in Comparative Social Research 

I am really glad that I decided to study at HSE. The University provided me with the opportunity to gain a lot of knowledge but also to get familiar with different cultures and people, especially Russian. The Comparative Social Research programme enables you to learn all the necessary skills to become an experienced social researcher. Most of the courses are really practical and the big part of the programme is the internship in Tilburg University, the Netherlands, which I am currently finishing.


María José Benítez Hidalgo (Ecuador), Master’s programme in Political Analysis and Public Policy 

The atmosphere at HSE makes me feel that the world is not as big as we might think. My classroom is already an example of how people from completely different cultures can interact and learn by respecting each other’s diversity and believing in dialogue. This is exactly what we need for building up tolerance nowadays. This is the most amazing thing of being part of HSE - to have found a family of colleagues from all over the world who at the same time became my best teachers. They make me believe that we, as a new generation of policy makers and human rights  defenders, will make the dream of building a more  aware, fair, equal and inclusive world possible.

Toklo Sewordor (Ghana), Master’s programme in Politics. Economics. Philosophy (PEP) 

When I first heard of the Masters programme in Politics. Economics. Philosophy (PEP), I realised this is definitely a place for me. The PEP courses are structured to bring out the best of students. The interesting part is usually during seminar discussions, especially in courses like Modern Political Science, Comparative Economics and Intellectual History as well as Research Seminars, which seek to develop your understanding of social, economic and political discourses at the domestic, regional and international level. Another exceptional aspect is the professors who are always available to make extra time to assist students even outside normal class periods. Also, the multicultural environment of Moscow is a great place for students from diverse cultural settings to meet and socialize not just as friends but as a new family from different parts of the world. I must admit that the Russian social setting is completely different from how it is perceived outside its borders. It is a lovely place and I particularly recommend the PEP programme at HSE to those who are excited to increase their knowledge and critical thinking skills.

Love Ugonna Umesi (Nigeria), graduate of Master’s in Population and Development 

As I searched through the pages of the internet, I stumbled on the Population and Development programme of Higher School of Economics. I liked that it cut across several disciplines. The combination of courses in this programme gives one an enhanced knowledge of the interrelation between economics and development.I am quite satisfied with the education I received because it equipped me with theoretical and practical knowledge. The programme taught me to analyse demographic data and use it in monitoring and evaluating development programmes. I was impressed by the level of knowledge our professors have. It was impressive how they were able to explain complex matters to us in a very simple way. The program was quite challenging, yet rewarding.