Applied Economics to Be Taught in English

Beginning September 2019, the Faculty of Economic Sciences plans to open an English taught track for the Master’s programme in Applied Economics

Applied Economics to Be Taught in English

Photo credit Sergey Strokov HSE

Currently, some courses at the program are taught in English, but Russian language is still required to complete the whole curriculum. Starting next year, the program will offer enough English-language courses so that a non-Russian speaking student will be able to meet all of the requirements for graduation. Also, for such students, the program will offer a special research seminar dedicated to the Russian economy and Economics of Development.   

Oleg Zamulin 

Dean of the Faculty of Economic Sciences 

HSE University is actively recruiting international students. This year in all campuses the university teaches about 3400 degree-seeking international students, with more than a third of them admitted in 2018. HSE aims to increase the number of international students to 4000. In order to attract most qualified applicants, degree programmes need to expand applicant pool and eligibility criteria. Our Applied Economics Master’s programme is one of the biggest and most popular programmes at the Faculty of Economic Sciences, so it seems only natural for us to introduce an English-taught track so that non-Russian speaking students can apply. We expect that such a move will result in a more vibrant and multi-cultural student body, which will enrich the university experience for all students enrolled in the programme.

The main objective of this programme is to train specialists for analytical work in government agencies, private companies, and centres of applied economic analysis. Graduates will have knowledge of economic theory at a level sufficient for predicting and analyzing the consequences of decisions in the fields of public policy or company policy. The programme relies heavily on international experience in building programmes for economic or public policy and requires a flexible approach to teaching students.

Oxana Budjko

Head of International Office 

All exchange and dual degree opportunities open to the Russian-speaking Master's students will be also open to the English-speaking students. We offer dual degree programmes with European Universities where students spend their second year in a host university, like Erasmus University, University of Luxembourg or Sorbonne (in French) and, upon successful completion of both years and thesis presentation, are awarded two degrees, from HSE and their host university. Students who would like to have a non-degree exchange or visiting programmes are also welcome to participate in the application process and study during the fall of the second year in one of the HSE or the Faculty of Economic Sciences partner universities abroad in European, American or Asian locations.



International applicants are invited to submit their credentials online via link