Visa Reference Numbers for Scholarship Students

Dear prospective students,

Your documents have been successfully submitted to the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation. 

Please see the list of reference numbers from the Ministry of Education and Science of Russian Federation:
Visa reference numbers (Sept 26)

You will need to provide this number when applying for your entry visa at the Russian consulate or embassy in the country where you live starting From the date indicated in the document above. Your visa reference number will allow you to apply for your study visa under a simplified procedure.  

We expect more reference numbers to be ready by mid-August; however, unexpected delays with processing may occur. We recommend that you wait until you have your reference number to book your flight to Moscow or buy flexible plane tickets. 

PLEASE NOTE: Official invitations for student visas are issued only by the Ministry, and thus HSE can neither expedite the process nor be certain of the exact date when your visa reference number will be available.

Please remember to read carefully part 2 of HSE instructions: Instructions Upon Arrival for Accepted Scholarship Candidates 2017