HSE Expanding Cooperation in Indonesia

From March 31 to April 4, a delegation from HSE visited Indonesia, where it continued to expand cooperation and ties between HSE and local universities, institutions, and schools. The delegation hosted International Olympiad Competitions for university students and alumni, and administered entrance examinations for high school students.


Successfully organizing the first International Olympiad Competitions in Indonesia for high school students last year, the HSE delegation came to Indonesia to design the second competitions in Jakarta, which were also open to university students and recent graduates.

The HSE delegation included Mr. Alexey Sobolevsky, Deputy Head of HSE’s Public Relations Department, and Ms. Ekaterina Sintsova, Manager of HSE’s International Admissions Office, who tested the students in different fields of English-taught graduate programs. The competitions took place in HSE’s partner university London School of Public Relations on April 1, 2017.

This time the delegation also met with several schools, with certificates of International Olympiad Competitions being presented to SMAN Unggulan MH Thamrin Jakarta and SMAN 3 Bandung, followed by certificates Olympiad winners, participants, and supervisors.

The delegation also met with school principals  and instructors at SMA Kolese Gonzaga and SMA Sumbangsih for the first time, as well as with leadership from Universitas Katolik Indonesia Atma Jaya. Discussions centred around creating student and faculty exchanges, designing internship programs and summer modules, and increasing Russian language instruction In Indonesia. Increasing the number of participants in subsequent Olympiad competitions was covered during the meetings.

Visiting the HSE International Student Information Centre in Jakarta was another important item on the agenda. HSE believes that through proper information and high-quality services provided by ImageRnR-Indonesia HSE’s brand image will expand not only in Indonesia but also in other countries across Southeast Asia.

On the final day, the delegation held an information session at the Russian Centre of Science and Culture in Indonesia. The response that the university received was overwhelmingly positive, with participants asking many questions and joining entrance testing following the information session. Knowing that HSE is looking to draw more Indonesian students to Russia, a Master’s student from the School of Asian Studies, Ratya Permatasari, has administered a Facebook page and Instagram account with the support of the International Admissions Office since last year. All posts are devoted to Bahasa and aim to attract Indonesians’ attention, develop their interests in studying abroad in Russia, and increase the number of applicants to HSE.

Cooperation between HSE and Indonesian educational institutions is currently intensifying and will expand continuously. HSE is  preparing a letter of cooperation as a follow-up action to the last meeting with the Education Department of DKI Jakarta Province on April 3. The next visit in Fall 2017 will be marked by a three-year commitment with Indonesia.