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Admissions FAQ

Until what time will you accept applications on the deadline date?

Can I apply to multiple graduate programmes at once?

Do you require English proficiency test scores?

I’m worried my recommender will have trouble submitting the letter of recommendation. Can I forward you an email from my recommender?

I’ve finished my exams but have one more paper to submit before I complete my Bachelor’s degree. Can I apply to a graduate programme before completing my undergraduate studies?

Do I need to be interviewed before being admitted to a programme?

What types of financial aid are available to international students?

How can I receive a scholarship to study at a graduate programme at HSE?

Do you accept late applications?

When can I expect an admissions decision?

When will I hear if I have received a Russian government scholarship?

How do I find out if my documents have been accepted?

Can I change programmes after being admitted?

Can I defer admission?

My friends are also interested in attending HSE. Can I send you their documents?

Can I bring my family with me?

I already have a Russian visa. Do I need to apply for another visa to study at HSE?

Is Russia safe?

Do I need to buy a medical insurance?

When does the semester start? When are vacations and holidays?

Can I transfer to HSE from a different institution?

Do you recognize foreign transcripts and diplomas?

Do I have to fill in the Recognition section in my Personal Account? Which documents are needed?

Can I choose my housing?

Do you have a mobile app?

Can I study completely online and get a diploma? Are there any HSE online programmes?

Have more questions?