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Qualifying Events Schedule 2020

Dear applicants to HSE's Bachelor's programmes!

This page contains information on face-to-face qualifying events and online testing held by HSE.

The schedule is updated monthly. If you wish to take entrance exams, please be sure to visit campus and do it in person.

Almost all applicants would like to get a sense of their chances of being accepted to HSE University, without having to wait for the results of their entrance exams and the application process. Now you have the opportunity to do so!

Online testing, registration through the personal account of a foreign applicant. Registration closes 1 week before the test. If you for some reason are unable to participate in online testing and want to reschedule it, you must contact the moderator and ask to delete the old registration. Only then the option to overwrite the new dates will be available.

Online entrance examinations schedule: 

March: Online_March 23-27 (PDF, 208 Kb) 

April: Online_April 7-10 (PDF, 72 Kb);  Online_April 20-24 (PDF, 206 Kb) 

May: Online_May 6-7 (PDF, 31 Kb); Online_May 25-29 (PDF, 208 Kb)

June: Online_June 22-26 (PDF, 208 Kb) 

Online July 15-16 (PDF, 31 Kb) ; Online_July 27-31 (PDF, 208 Kb) 

On-campus entrance examinations schedule: 

Face-to-face qualifying events, registration through the personal account of a foreign applicant. Registration is obligatory for those planning to take part in the on-campus entrance examinations.

Russia, Moscow

Schedule: Moscow campus_February 2020 (PDF, 83 Kb)

Schedule: Moscow campus_March 2020 (PDF, 83 Kb)

Schedule: April on-campus entrance exams are cancelled due to COVID-19. Please register for online exams in your personal account.

Schedule:  Moscow campus_May 2020 (PDF, 83 Kb) 

Schedule:  Moscow campus_June 2020 (PDF, 83 Kb)    

Russia, St. Petersburg

Schedule: St. Petersburg campus_February - May 2020 (PDF, 44 Kb)  


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