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International students can apply to study at HSE for free through full-tuition scholarships. This merit-based scholarship will completely waive all tuition fees for selected full-degree Bachelor's programmes at HSE. However, the full-tuition scholarships are not available for double-degree programmes with the University of London and Kyung Hee University.

Applicants should sit for entrance exams (online with obligatory registration in their personal online account or in their country according to the schedule) before August 14, 2020 (provided the scholarships are available for their chosen programmes). If the application is considered to be outstanding by the application committee, the applicant will be recommended for a scholarship.

Please note that scholarships cover only the cost of tuition and that all other costs (including accommodation at HSE dormitories) must be covered by the student. Information about the estimated cost of living can be found here

HSE also offers a wide range of partial scholarships to international applicants who are not eligible for Russian government scholarships.

Scholarships for Bachelor's Programmes

HSE offers the following types of scholarships for non-Russian nationals applying to HSE Bachelor’s and Specialist programmes in the academic year 2020-2021:
Applicants eligible Criteria Size of scholarship

Based on the results of entrance examinations (provided that the student has successfully passed all examinations)

Use our online calculator to determine the size of the scholarship

Final cumulative score for both exams  - 170 points or higher 70%
Final cumulative score for both exams  - between 150 and 169 points 50%
Final cumulative score for both exams  - between 140 and 149 points (for "Mathematics", "Software Engineering", "Applied Mathematics and Informatics" - between 135 and 149 points) 25%
Graduates of the HSE Preparatory Year programme and other similar programmes offered by Russian educational institutions Upon submission of documents confirming successful completion of studies under a continuing educational programme (with no unsatisfactory grades) 50%
Early conclusion and payment of the tuition fee agreement* Upon conclusion of agreement and payment of respective tuition fees no later than June 30, 2020  5%
Graduates of HSE’s partner secondary schools  (under educational partnership agreements) Lists of school graduates recommended by a given partner school for admission to HSE degree programmes shall be certified by its director’s signature and seal of the partner school and thusly submitted to HSE no later than by July 30 of the ongoing year 25%
Participation in HSE Global Scholarship Competition-2020
The Competition’s subject should correspond to the field of study of the target HSE programme

Winners and prize-winners of HSE  Global Scholarship Competition-2020 in a certain field 



No scholarships are available for Bachelor’s and Specialist programmes that are offered on a fee-paying basis only (with no state-funded places), including double-degree programmes with the University of London and Kyung Hee University.

The size of the scholarship offered to international students shall be fixed and granted to foreign nationals for the entire duration of their studies*. However, each year you will need to reconfirm your good academic performance.

Scholarships shall be granted for the first year of studies to foreign citizens immediately upon their enrolment in HSE University.

The terms for maintaining the scholarships are as follows:

a) A foreign citizen shall not be subject to disciplinary actions in the form of a reprimand;

B)  The results for interim evaluations of all components of the foreign citizen’s curriculum show:

 - no grades below 4 points on a 10-point scale (except for instances when a grade is below 4 points owing to the student’s failure to attend an examination for a valid reason, which should be confirmed as per the standard procedure in place at HSE University);

 - no more than 2 (two) grades of 4 points or 5 points on a 10-point scale;

The term for maintaining already granted scholarships shall be applicable to international students, effective from the start of Year 2 and up to their graduation from a given degree programme.



* Please note that a foreign national may be granted only one scholarship at a time from those listed in the table. Should a foreign national be eligible for more than one scholarship from the table, he/she may select only one scholarship at his/her own discretion.

This provision doesn’t apply to scholarships granted for early conclusion and payment of tuition fee agreement, in this case, the scholarship is granted for one year only.

Regulations on Tuition Fee Discounts for Foreign Citizens

HSE ICEF regulations on BA and MA partial scholarships (PDF, 279 Кб)

Partial scholarships for BA Double Degree Programme Economics and Politics in Asia (PDF, 467 Кб)