Online Scholarship Calculator for Undergraduate Applicants

Scholarships can substantially reduce study costs! Find out what kind of scholarship you may be entitled to at HSE University.

How does it work?

In the 'Subject' field, choose the exams you plan to take (you can also submit Russian national unified state exam results). Click 'Show programmes with the chosen combination of exams' to see which programmes you can apply for.

To see the tuition fee in case you are entitled to a scholarship (scholarships cover the full course of studies, see detailed information here), enter the anticipated scores in the relevant field.

Tuition fee discounts for the HSE University and University of London Double Degree Programme in Economics should be calculated separately.


To apply to the programme in Software Engineering, you need to take two entrance exams - in Math (minimal accepted score is 70) and Russian Language (a minimal score of 60). If these are your scores, the annual tuition fee will be 610,000 RUB. However, if you score higher (for instance, you get 70 in Math and 80 in Russian Language), the tuition fee will be twice as low and amount to 305,000 RUB a year. HSE University will grant you a merit-based scholarship that will cover half of the tuition fee (305,000 RUB a year).

If you get highest score – 100 – in all necessary subjects, you are eligible to claim to get a government-funded place, i.e. full scholarship.