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Applications open
Online applications for international students for the academic year 2020/2021 has started! Participants of the Global Scholarship Competition-2020 and other users who have already registered online in the HSE system must log in to their Personal Accounts using the existing user ID and password!

Recognition of Foreign Education and (or) Qualifications

Procedure for Recognition of Foreign Education and (or) Qualifications

For the Purpose of Instructing and (or) Hiring Citizens with Foreign Education and (or) Qualifications at HSE University.

This Procedure outlines the rules for recognizing foreign education and (or) a foreign qualification for the purpose of educating and hiring citizens at HSE University (the document is in Russian).

The following documents are required for the recognition of foreign education and/or qualification*:  

  • document confirming the citizenship and identifying the applicant ID (passport); 

Experts reserve the right to request, if necessary, additional documents confirming the appropriate level of training of the holder of a foreign education.

Please note: All documents issued in a foreign language must be presented along with corresponding translations in Russian that are certified by an official notary/translation service. If the issuing institution of the document has also provided the student or employee with an official duplicate in Russian, a notarized translation is not required.

Application for recognition of foreign education and/or qualifications

You will need to complete the application form in your personal account:
  • If you have a foreign applicant personal account (graduate or undergraduate), the application should be available in there under the section, ‘Recognition’
  • if you are entering a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programme, a graduate programme, or you are enroling in any educational programme at HSE University, the application must be submitted through the foreign applicant personal account.

Applications that are incomplete, incorrectly completed, or of poor quality will not be considered.

Your application must include the following documents:
  1. Color scan of your identifying document (passport);
  2. Notarized Russian translation of the identifying document;
  3. Color scan of diploma (certificate) with supplement (official transcript);
  4. Notarized Russian translations of diploma (certificate) and supplement (official transcript).

The application for recognition consists of two stages of review:
  1. Preliminary recognition – The scanned documents are reviewed, and their compliance with the requirements for admission to HSE is verified. At this stage, documents may be accepted without translations if they are in English.
  2. Final recognition – The documentation is reviewed once more after the previously submitted scans of documents have been verified against their original versions (this process usually takes place during official enrollment).

Information on Legalization of Diplomas and Degree Certificates obtained at HSE University

Any questions about recognition process? Please contact:
Olga Rodina
Nadezhda Gulchak