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Admissions FAQ

Do I have to pay an application fee?

No. HSE does not charge an application fee. You can apply and take entrance exams online. The whole process from application to admission is free of charge (Including receiving of acceptance letter and visa invitation letter). Should someone tell you that you have to pay a fee, contact us at inter@hse.ru

Q&A (valid for 2020)

1. How do I get a visa this year?

Embassies and consulates of the Russian Federation have temporarily stopped issuing student visas until further notice. We recommend that you carefully monitor Russian Federation embassy or consulate websites to find out when study visa services will be resumed.

  • My passport expires in one year. Can I still get a visa invitation?

Your passport must be valid for no less than 18 months after a visa is issued. Also, make sure your passport contains at least 4 blank pages for the visa and arrival/departure stamps.

  • When will I get my invitation?

Both the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation have temporarily suspended issuing visa invitations until further notice. We’ll notify you as soon as any changes happen. Stay tuned.

  • Can I get a visa in a country other than my own?

A foreign national can apply for a Russian visa outside of their home country if they have a valid local residence permit or a work visa. For more details, please contact the nearest Russian embassy or consulate.

Please visit https://visa.hse.ru/en/ for more information about visa rules and procedures.

2. I won’t be able to translate my documents on time. What should I do?

  • What documents should be translated into Russian?

You must translate your passport and education documents into Russian so we can accept your application. Please keep in mind that you’ll have to get a notarized translation of your passport and educational documents, as well as a legalization or an apostille for the necessary procedure of recognition of education documents issued in a foreign country!

  • What is the deadline for uploading translations of my documents?

All necessary documents must be uploaded to your personal account by August 25, 2020.

  • Do I need to send originals of my documents?

No, you just need to bring the original documents when you come to Russia to study.

3. I don’t have a certain document and can’t obtain it at the moment. What should I do?

  • I can't get my school diploma or a degree certificate. What should I do?

Don’t worry! If you don’t have your diploma at hand, you can send a signed paper (only if your education is completed this year and you have a confirmation letter from school or University) confirming that you will present the original document by May 2021.

  • I can't get a new passport issued. Will I be able to come to Russia?

To come to Russia, you need to have a valid passport. You have to wait until you can get a new one in your home country.

  • I can’t get a health certificate issued or have medical tests. What should I do?

Not a problem! You can get your medical certificate upon your arrival in Moscow. Please make sure to bring the documents with information about vaccinations—it is strictly obligatory! Find more details here.

4. When will the upcoming academic year start?

HSE University is starting the new academic year in September, but if you cannot come to Russia by then owing to a lockdown in your country, you can start your studies online.

5. Can I get a place in a dorm? Can I still get a place in dorm, even if I come later in the semester?

Every international student will be accommodated in a dormitory. If you have noted in your personal account that you will need accommodation in a dormitory, please wait for the letter confirming a dorm place assignment in August. Please make sure to state the proposed date of your arrival in Russia. This option will be available as of August 10, 2020.

6. How can I apply for a scholarship?

Since 2017, HSE University has been offering a variety of tuition fee discounts to its international applicants. Discounts range from full to partial tuition fee waivers for both undergraduate and graduate students.

7. I want to access a scholarship next year. Is this possible?

If you have won a scholarship for this year, it applies only to the current year. To get enrolled in the next academic year, you must go through the entire application and enrollment procedure again. The new admissions cycle will start on November 1, 2020. You can also participate in our competitions (HSE Global Scholarship Competition for undergraduate applicants or Open Doors Competition for graduate applicants) to boost your chances of enrollment!

8. Can I pay the tuition fees in my home country?

Sure! We have the HSE PAYMENT SERVICE - online payment via https://pay.hse.ru/en/

To make the payment, fill in your full name (EXACTLY as stated in your passport translation) and your education agreement number. This number is stated at the top of the first page of the agreement. You can pay with any international MasterCard or VISA debit or credit card. Online payment means you can pay in your local currency—the conversion into Russian Rubles will be done automatically. Please check the current exchange rate at your bank.

Until what time will you accept applications on the deadline date?

Applications are accepted on the deadline dates until 23:59 MSK (GMT+3).

Can I apply to multiple graduate programmes at once?

You can apply to up to two undergraduate and graduate programmes in the same application.

What types of financial aid are available to international students?

Since 2017, HSE has been offering a variety of tuition fee scholarships to its international applicants. The scholarships are divided into full coverage and partial coverage scholarships for undergraduate and graduate programmes. 

Do you require English proficiency test scores?

Yes! We require English proficiency test scores for graduate programmes. Unless you are a native English speaker or have previously graduated from an institution which primary language of instruction is English, you are required to submit TOEFL, IELTS, or CAE results (from no more than two years prior to the the application submission).

If I do not currently have a valid passport, can I still apply?

Yes, you can still apply even if you do not have a valid passport. However, if your application is successful, you will have to have a valid passport in order to enrol at HSE.

Can I start an application online and save it for later?

Absolutely. Online applications may be saved for later.

I’m worried my recommender will have trouble submitting the letter of recommendation. Can I forward you an email from my recommender?

We can accept a pdf or jpeg version of a recommendation letter, if it includes the required elements listed in our guidelines.  Otherwise, we must receive the letter directly from your recommender.

I’ve finished my exams but have one more paper to submit before I complete my Bachelor’s degree. Can I apply to a graduate programme before completing my undergraduate studies?

If you have not yet received your Bachelor’s diploma at the time of submission, you can send an official academic transcript (with grades) that reflects the entire period that you have studied at that institution. You will still be required to submit your Bachelor’s diploma once you receive it; failure to do so will prevent you from entering the programme.

How can I receive a scholarship to study at a graduate programme at HSE (tuition-free)?

International students can apply to study in graduate programmes at HSE for free through merit-based full-tuition scholarships.  Applicants can apply for these scholarships once they are admitted to a HSE programme.  For more information on the process and requirements, visit our Scholarships page.

Do you accept late applications?


If I submit a late application, can I still be considered for scholarships?

Applications submitted after the scholarship deadline will not be considered for full-tuition scholarships. They will be considered for merit-based scholarships only.

Do I need to be interviewed before being admitted to a programme?

Most programmes require an interview as part of the application process. Manager of the programme that you are applying to may contact you about setting up an online interview.

When can I expect an admissions decision?

You can typically expect a response within two to three weeks. Please check your online personal account. Each application is individually reviewed by the programme admissions committee, so response times may vary. If you have not received an update within a month, please contact inter@hse.ru.

When will I hear if I have received funding?

Scholarship decisions are made by university committees and the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation. The International Admissions office has little control over this timeline, but we will keep students regularly updated.

Can I change programmes after being admitted?

Requests to change programmes are considered on a case-by-case basis. Please contact the International Admissions Office to learn more. 

Can I defer admission?

Unfortunately, we are unable to grant deferrals. 

My friends are also interested in attending HSE. Can I send you their documents?

Thank you for recommending HSE to your friends!  We must receive application materials directly from each individual applicant.  Feel free to send us your friend’s contact information or vice versa.  However, we cannot accept application materials submitted by a third party.

Can I bring my family with me?

Unfortunately, HSE does not provide visa support for family members.  If you require a visa to study in Russia, you will need to make separate arrangements for your family members.

I already have a Russian visa. Do I need to apply for another visa to study at HSE?

Yes, you will need to apply for a student visa, which will reflect your affiliation with HSE and allow you to live in Russia full-time for the length of your study. (Individuals holding diplomatic, ordinary work, and highly qualified specialist (HQS) visas can study at HSE without a student visa.)

Is Russia safe?

Moscow is a large city with the same safety concerns as most large cities of the world. Learn more about what to expect while living in Moscow as an international student. There are cases of petty crime targeting tourists, so we recommend students be aware of their surroundings and pay close attention to belongings.  For more information on safety, we recommend you review any advisories provided by your country’s embassy in Russia. Read more here. You may want to check also benefits of studying in Russia. 

When does the semester start? When are vacations and holidays?

The Academic Calendar lists all important dates.

Can I transfer to HSE from a different institution?

Yes! You can find all the information regarding transfer admission at https://admissions.hse.ru/en/transfer and the official online requst might be found here.

How do I find out if my documents have been accepted?

You can  check the status of your documents in your online account. You may also email us at inter@hse.ru to check if your documents have been processed or not.

Do you recognize foreign transcripts and diplomas?

In most cases, international applicants have to fill in an application in order for their documents to be officially recognized. The process doesn’t take long. If you have any other questions regarding your documents’ processing, don’t hesitate to email us at recognition@hse.ru

Can I choose my housing?

No. Housing is assigned to you automatically. You cannot choose or change it.

Do you have a mobile app?

No. However, our website and the online application are optimized for mobile devices. Moreover, you can contact us via WhatsApp at: +7 (916) 311 8521.

I am currently a fee-paying student. Can I transfer to a state-funded place?

Absolutely! The transfer is possible if:

  • A state-funded place is available;
  • The transfer occurs within the same academic programme;
  • The transfer occurs the same semester a state-funded student has been expelled.

Please note that fee-paying citizens of Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kirgizstan, Tadzhikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, and Ukraine cannot transfer to state-funded places.

In order to transfer, the following documents need to be prepared:

  • A written transfer application signed by the programme director;
  • A copy and, if needed, translation of the student’s passport;
  • A note from the programme director indicating his or her consent to the transfer and addressed to Vice Rector Ivan V. Prostakov;
  • A copy of an order indicating that a state-funded student had been expelled;
  • A copy of referral from the Ministry of Education and Science.

All the documents, as well as any additional questions, must be emailed to Valeria Kupina at vkupina@hse.ru


Have more questions?

If you cannot find the answer to your question on our website, please contact the Education & Training Advisory Centre at: inter@hse.ru,  via phone: +7 495 531 0059 or via WhatsApp at: +7 (916) 311 8521.